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Entry #4

A Little Piece of Agony

2009-08-05 17:30:22 by 193

Okay, this is not a post surreal ...

I was watching the latest anime (for those who do not know, Japanese cartoon) and was thinking: "Fuck! How I futile ._."

I have to continue my animation ... But ... "Fuck! How I futile ._."

So I decided to try to do something less horrible, and I was playing Counter-Strike ... So I thought: "Fuck! How I futile ._."

A friend of mine came here, talking and able to open a game that was not opening, the game of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It was fun up until the famine hit and my friend was gone. Not playing lasted 5 minutes and then I thought: "Fuck! How I futile ._."

In the end, things had not much sense, after all, I was so closed with a thought and equal ... Decided to contribute to Twitter and my blog on Newgrounds. So, typing this message I thought: "OMG! FUCK! Other unpleasant words, I am futile! O_O"

Say there is something to take this posting, unless ... Well, you must already know what is ...


PS.: This post was a work of the Google Translator
PS ².: The manga (for those who do not know, Japanese Comics) of the new Bleach came *-*
HP ³.: I am not Japanese, I'm Brazilian . _.


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2010-09-29 14:43:06

Lol que tenso cara xD, beeem, pelo menos você não é mais um dos trolls do NG, porque não importa o quanto vc fale, pelo menos o seu post tem sentido, não alimente os trolls!

P.S.: How i futile - rialto XD