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2009-07-29 19:00:00 by 193

I was so long without writing, give news, but I'm here!

The first episode of the series "The End" has been produced, with certain limitations. I'm always improving producing the second episode with more whimsy and improvements.

Recently learned the 3D model in Swift3D, and I am using different points of leaving the camera animation really better.

In all, the things are moving well ^ ^
Only I am sorry for not having many people commenting on the animation D:

I know, although not great animation, it would be a fine of a "push" more comments' - '

The End - Episode 1
Watch o/

Thank you guys for NG.
The Brazilian hug :P

PS.: Sorry for English not so good, I'm making progress :D


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2009-07-29 19:08:06

\o\ Animação muito legal cara, esperando pela continuação =D