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The End is COMING!

2009-01-29 23:04:46 by 193

No cry little boy, "The End" is the title of my new series!

I am finishing the prologue and then be placed with subtitles in English for the peoples of NG Brazilians also know how to make a good story ^ ^

Everything is based on the supposed end of the world and the supposed end of imminent salvation!

ENJOY! Coming Soon in February!

PS.: Yes, my english is bad, but, I try =P


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2009-04-20 23:58:30

Bom trabalho na animação, gostei! =)


2009-04-24 20:55:30

I'm excited to help your wonderful animations become just a bit better. :-)


2009-07-26 23:33:41

Looking forward to the next episode my friend. PM me if want any more suggestions.