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Er... Hi population of Newgrounds! o/

2008-07-01 15:14:34 by 193

Er... My english is bad =(

I'm a brazilian boy, with 15 years
My name is Vitor and I'm beginner animator with Flash

I stay in the Brazil site and forum and like it!

In this site have other brazilians animator, beginners and experts, he's can help the brazilians animator

I don't create some animations, but I have some animation with friends of this forum, the " Total NS Collab"

Well, it's me, and my nick is 193!
I'm a beginner animator joing at Newgrounds site, the best and big site of animations of the world! =P

Thank's for view this apresentation! o/


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2008-08-31 13:09:05

193 na ng :D

193 responds:

Oh yeah baby now! xD